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Outdoor Yoga Class

What is Kids/Teen Yoga?

Kids/teen yoga classes provide children with a safe, creative, and fun environment to explore their bodies, thoughts, and emotions, using the principles of yoga.  Kids/teen yoga helps children become more aware of their emotions, thoughts, and where their bodies are in space.  Lotus Yogis by Jackie LLC offers kids/teen yoga classes for ages 6 - 17 years.  I primarily use the Grounded Kids Yoga curriculum, but I also include self-myofascial release as needed.  A typical kids/teen yoga class includes centering, breath work, physical movement, cool down and stretching, and resting pose.  A kids/teen yoga class typically contains a theme, mantra, or intention (e.g. breath flow, balance, gratitude, perserverence) that is repeatedly brought up, discussed, and connected to various elements of class.  The theme of the class, poses, and sequences will be different based on the age of the child.  All of the lessons discussed and practiced in a kids yoga class are designed to be taken off the mat and into the child's daily life.

Children in Yoga Class

What are the Benefits of Kids/Teen Yoga?

There are many benefits to having your child, or children, participate in a kids/teen yoga class, including improvements with:

  • Focus and attention

  • Emotional awareness and regulation

  • Fine and gross motor coordination

  • Cognitive skills (attention, executive functioning, working memory)

  • Linguistic skills

  • Auditory processing

  • Motor planning

  • Strength, flexibility and mobility

  • Self-exploration and self-monitoring

  • Social interaction

  • Life skills, such as rule-following, being responsible for personal space and materials

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